Pampering Packages

My dear gentlemen (and ladies), do you feel like being completely pampered for a few hours?
Of course you do!
Well, in response to requests by some of my lovely clients, I’m now offering two pampering ‘packages’ where you will be treated like a King (or Queen) for a few hours of indulgent, sexy-sensual massage and relaxation – with some naughty ‘extras’.
How does that sound?
So, here they are:

Deluxe Pampering – 3 hours – £800
This is at my stylish apartment in an interesting and eclectic part of town.

We start in my spacious, airy lounge, with a little introduction to each other over champagne or beverage of your choice. You may have a request for what you’d like me to wear – perhaps smart ‘secretary’, or nothing but sexy lingerie, or anything else you fancy (we can discuss your preferences before our meeting).
We then move to the bedroom for about 1 hour of my expert tantric massage – with naughty extras, leading eventually to your explosive climax.
We then relax and wind down for about half an hour – where we can share another drink, if you like, and some snacks (you might be glad of them later on!).
Then it’s a fabulous 30 minute assisted shower – completely indulgent as we wash each other and explore each other’s soapy bodies – yummy!
We then move back to the bedroom for about 1 hour of slippery-slidey Nuru massage, with more naughty extras (I said you may need those snacks!)

And, if you REALLY want to spoil yourself – because you’re worth it! – you might like the last 1 hour of our session to be even more exciting! How about having a lovely, naughty friend of mine join us for the Nuru session? Just imagine that – two-body, four-handed stimulation – almost too much to bear – wow! (£1350).

Ultimate Pampering – half-day/evening, 5 – 5.5 hours – £2550
This will be at a luxury London hotel.
Although I have a lovely apartment with plenty of room, it is not so spacious, or luxurious, as a room in a top-end hotel – with bedroom, lounge area and bathroom all interconnected.
They also have big baths, which are just what’s needed for our VERY naughty trio bath session (please see below)!
And, because this package is all about YOU being pampered, I will make the booking at a hotel I have previous experience of, and make all the arrangements – no need for you to do anything.

I greet you in whatever you might like (or you can leave it up to me – you won’t be disappointed!), and we relax and get to know each other a little over champagne or beverage of your choice.
We then move to the bathroom for a supremely sensual 30 minute assisted shower where we wash and explore each other’s soapy bodies – hmmmmm!
Now that you are nicely relaxed yet excited, we move to the bedroom for 90 minutes of my highly skilled and erotic tantric massage, including some naughty extras, leading to your explosive climax!
We then wind down and relax for around 30 minutes – we can even call room service if you like (included).
And then we’ll have one of my lovely, naughty girlfriends join us – I told you this was an ‘ultimate’ pampering package!
And this is where the big bath comes in – you will have about 30 minutes of sensual, naughty soapiness as me and my friend completely explore your body – four-handed ‘aqua heaven’!
And then – can you believe it – you will have a two-body, four-handed 90 minute super sensual and fabulously erotic Nuru massage with naughty ‘extras’, where me and my friend will go ALL out to make sure EVERY inch of your body is brought to the highest sensation so that you wonder just how much more you can take – wow!
We’d all finish with a final wind-down and relax – possibly with a nice drink; perhaps some more champagne.

However, you may be in the mood for THE ultimate pampering, and feel you deserve that little bit extra. ;))
So, if you want to go the ‘whole hog’, then I can book us into a hotel with a spa, so that you can finally finish off with all that the spa has to offer – THE perfect finish to perfect pampering!

Please note – you may be visiting London on business, or just for pleasure, so you will already be in a hotel. If that’s the case, but you still think you deserve some pampering, then I will adjust the price accordingly.

So, there you have them – two super-indulgent, erotic-sensual massage ‘packages’ designed TOTALLY for your complete pleasure – sound good?

I look forward to hearing from you, and to pampering you like you’ve never been pampered before!

Emma x