Would you like to learn the art of sensual tantric and body-to-body (B2B) massage?
It’s a hugely rewarding activity – a giving of yourself for someone’s pleasure – and it is also a delightfully lucrative occupation!

There’s SO much more to it than just rubbing your body up-and-down a client, if you want them to give you good reviews and come back again.
I have many regulars – gentlemen and ladies – who return time-and-again because they know an erotic massage with me is a special treat where they can relax and unwind whilst I massage them into a state of euphoria for the time they’re with me – and send them off with a smile on their face!

I am very experienced in training ladies to give the best massage they possibly can – something for their clients to remember, and to bring them back for more!

The whole session will be about me taking you through the basics of erotic massage, including some tricks-of-the-trade I have learned over the years, and how you can then tailor things to your own, individual style.
I will also give advice on how to present yourself and your massage space, give you ideas for music, and generally help you towards providing the best service for your clients.
We can even discuss how you might approach offering ‘extras’, if you’re thinking along those lines.

I have a lovely gentleman friend who will be your ‘practice body’ – yes, I will show you what to do on him, and you will actually be able to practice your moves on a real person!
And, if you’re completely new to this, it introduces you to mutual nudity and the intimacy of B2B in a safe and relaxed setting.
This is a unique aspect of my training sessions – other trainers usually just demonstrate on an empty bed or table – so not very good for getting the feel of an actual body.
My friend is very friendly and an experienced practice body, and will give you feedback on how you are doing – all in a very laid-back and fun manner. This gives you the opportunity of refining your technique as the session progresses.

So, if you want to learn the art of erotic massage, let me be your guide to the delights of tantric B2B.

If you would like to know more, or book a session, just give me a call – I look forward to working with you.

Emma x