tantric massage

The Tantric Massage

Imagine this – we’re both naked, you face down on the bed, as I expertly caress your body ALL over, either working with oil (B2B) or nuru gel, bringing you slowly but inevitably to heightened sensation with a mixture of light and firm strokes and pressure, ruffling your hair, tantalising with my breath and starting to work on your groin area, teasing and tantalising, whilst reaching through and around. And I’m sliding and slithering over you, deliciously slick with oil or gel, as MY body works YOUR body towards erotic heaven. And then I get you to turn over – “OMG!” you think – “does it get any better than this?” – well, yes, of course it does! You are now completely exposed to my naughty attentions and you gaze at my naked body, sexy-shiny with oil or gel, as it works sinuously against you. Meanwhile, my hands and fingers are driving you to distraction. Waves of erotic pleasure course through your excited frame, until I have you almost at breaking point! After all the build-up, your ‘release’ will be explosive when I do finally let you tip over the edge! Mwah mwah , Emma XX