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Pampering Products & Testosterone Booster

You might be wondering which lovely products I used on you at our session.

Well, I have some that I now keep coming back to, thanks to my experience over the years where I have had the opportunity to test different ones.

You can incorporate these into your private sexy life, or get one for your other half to experiment on you, and vice versa!

Massage Oil

So, here are my top recommendations.

My absolute favourite for sensual massage is virgin coconut oil.

You should avoid all the chemical nasties you find in fragranced or hot pressed oils that lose all the beneficial properties that are good for your skin.

Plus, you want to make sure the oil is edible, in case you take things that bit further with your partner!

Kirkland Virgin Coconut Oil is a delicious, easily absorbed oil that leaves just enough residue on the skin to be able to easily and sensuously slide your bodies over each other. It also has antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties which means your lucky partner will be lovely and clean before you move on to kissing and licking, and who knows what else, the sensitive parts of their body!

It doesn’t have the strong, overpowering odour that other oils can have. Coming in a huge 1L pack, this oil will last you for quite a while – but that will depend on the demands of your partner, lol! 😉

This multi-purpose oil can be used as a daily skin moisturiser, as well as a hair mask to keep your hair strong, silky and healthy looking. You can take a spoon a day to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, and it’s an excellent addition to your diet for immune system support.


If you prefer a smaller size package of the oil that is slightly stronger, but with the same quality properties and delicious coconut smell, then you should try lovely Vita Coco virgin oil.


Oil & Lubricant

And this might be important – did you know that pretty much any massage oil has the tendency to break latex condoms?

That’s in case you may consider going that bit further beyond just a massage, and want to steer clear of any unwanted ‘accidents’. In such cases, a silicone massage oil/lubricant becomes an essential precautionary measure.

Pjur Original is unquestionably a luxury product. It offers a versatile solution for both massage as well as being a non-irritating lubricant, thanks to its odourless, preservative-free formula.

It is exceptionally lightweight, leaving the skin lovely and silky in a way that no other product does.

While it comes with a slightly higher price, the experience is truly a real treat.

Maybe consider a smaller, 250ml bottle or, if you’re a professional, opt for the 1000ml size for a longer- lasting supply.

https://amzn.to/47rbqmv https://amzn.to/3Qx5MZe

Testosterone Booster for Men after 50

My final recommendation is specifically for you ‘mature’ gentlemen. Have you noticed a little decrease in your libido and erections as the years slowly go by? It could be due to lower testosterone levels as you sexy darlings get a bit older. There is one product that seems to work magic, and many of my clients over years have vouched for its effectiveness.

That product is Tongkat Ali.

Yes, this natural plant extract, which has been long-utilised as a traditional herbal remedy for various medicinal purposes, works wonders when it comes to enhancing your libido, improving erectile function, muscle strength, bone mass, production of red blood cells and sperm.

And as a bonus, it helps reduce stress – but that may be because of all that increased libido and potency in the bedroom!

What you need to ensure is that you choose only a pure, high-potency, quality product from a trusted distributor in order to receive the full benefit.

Try Tongkat Ali by British Supplements, which provides a top-notch product. Many of my clients swear by it, and you can thank me later! 😉


And don’t forget – whatever products you’re using, make sure you have LOTS of naughty fun!

Mwaah, mwaah, vrrrrr!

Emma xx